Who We Are at TCMS

TCMS is your outsourcing partner of choice in the IT and telecommunications sector. Our services are directed toward private and governmental organizations seeking a trustworthy way to outsource key activities, such as the undertaking and the management of technological projects that entail a high level of technical, computing and logistical skills.

Established in 2011, TCMS already boasts an impressive record. Our dedicated team of experts and engineers has several years of experience in data networks and management systems. TCMS has a strong presence in emerging countries and particularly in Africa, where it has contributed to the successful implementation of advanced data management networks and systems in more than ten states.

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Your trusted Partner for Telecoms and IT projects

We have permanent local teams of engineers and technicians across West, Central and Eastern Africa.

  • Our Points of Presence

    TCMS has currently ten points of presence in Africa. We have permanent local teams of engineers and technicians in Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon,

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  • Core Clientele

    ■ Telecommunications Regulation Authorities ■ Telecommunications Operators                        ■ Internet Service Providers (ISP)      ■ Governments’ eGov & IT departments      ■ Private sector

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Outsourcing and consultancy in the IT and telecoms sectors

■ WAN & Datacenter Design, Installation & Operation
■ ICT and Telecoms Project Planning & Management
■ ICT Solution Integration Engineering
■ Telecoms Fraud Management
■ Telecoms & ICT Transmission Infrastructure
■ On-site and Off-site Training
■ Auditing of Billing Systems
■ Software Development & Business Systems Support
■ Secured IP-PBX Solution Design, Installation & Support